Artist Statement

I cannot remember a time in my life when I wasn’t drawing, painting, sculpting,
sewing, spinning, weaving – or wishing I were. I believe that art is about
communication -- a unique way to touch another human being on a non-verbal level. I work in a variety of media, with emphasis on oil and  watercolor – and, most recently, fiber and clay multimedia. My subject matter is diverse and I try to explore a given theme in a series of pieces until I feel I have discovered as much as possible about the subject. My intention is to create an emotional connection with the observer. I often paint narratives that include animals since I strongly believe that we humans tend to take ourselves too seriously and there’s much we can learn from animals’ behavior. I also enjoy painting subjects that make me feel peaceful (landscapes, figures in repose, etc).  The overall spirit behind most of my painting and multimedia work is meant to be provocative, often inviting the observer to see something from a different perspective than what he/she is used to. 

Some of my inspirations:
• French painters –especially the late Impressionists, Fauves and
Nabis--Vuillard, Bonnard
• the lessons I have learned from my diverse roles in life—as a
mother, wife, lover, manager, employee, artist, gardener, daughter,
friend, sister, neighbor
• animals with “attitude” and their similarities with humans
• the people, landscapes, and life in France – especially the
Mediterranean geography, which is much like that of Sonoma County, CA, where I live
• landscapes exploring the play of light
• semi-abstractions of reality